Sean Lenhart

Holy crap, those audible reviews don't do you justice at all… Honestly, I wouldn't have been able to listen to (author’s) book if someone else had been reading it. You made the neurotic thoughts seem natural and gave the characters personality.
- A Chance for Moore
I wanted to let you know the book sounds terrific.
- Lethe Press, Steve Berman
I am positively beaming over @SeanLenhart's work for the newly available audio book version of my novel "The Role"
- The Role, Richard Pearson
The show that hits all the right notes… Behind the scenes, stage director and choreographer Sean Lenhart does a capable job at corralling the sizable cast in his first show with Pittsburgh Savoyards.
- Pittsburgh City Paper, Pirates of Penzance
Nanki-Poo, a traveling second trombone player, is played by Sean Lenhart. I recall Lenhart killing it as the Prosecuting Attorney in Parade a while back and he did not disappoint this time around. Lenhart has quite a set of pipes on him and they were well exercised in songs such as “A Wandr’ing Minstrel I” or Nanki-Poo’s duet with his beloved Yum-Yum “Were You Not to Ko-Ko Plighted”.
- Pittsburgh in the Round, The Mikado
Sean Lenhart as the prosecutor... give notable performances.
Sean Lenhart... provided some much need entertainment as the Pirate King.
- Pittsburgh City Paper Review, Pirates of Penzance
As young prince Hilarion, Sean Lenhart had a slow start, but once he hits his stride, he sings beautifully and looks every inch a prince.
Working against Frank are the conniving prosecutor and governor-in-waiting Hugh Dorsey (Sean Lenhart)... in fine voice.
Belated thanks for the quick turnaround on the spot. It sounded great! Thanks!
- 262 Cigars
You have a wonderfully young sounding voice and I wanted to ask that you audition for any of our other titles that interest you.
- Dreamspinner Press
I truly enjoyed the author's characterization of the MCs and the secondary characters, even more so due to the excellent vocalizations provided by the narrator. He was even spot-on with the voice of little Ollie!
And, although it may have been due to the author's excellent ability to tell a story, I suspect that it was really due to the energy-driven narrative by Sean Lenhart.
Get ready for a wild ride. Sean Lenhart brings this story to life, suffusing the narration with so much energy, I felt like I was literally watching the story unfold on stage.