Sean Lenhart

  • Dracula Radioplay Experience

    Sean is excited to be playing Dr. John Seward in this new radioplay-style production of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. This podcast follows the events of the story in real-time on the dates of their entries in the novel. Sean is also the assistant audio engineer. The Dracula Radioplay Experience is a production of Cryptic Canticles.
  • Copperwealth

    Follow the story of super criminal organizations as they each carry out large-scale, nefarious schemes. Unwittingly, their plans are fated to collide, leading to disastrous results for everyone.
  • The Unsung

    Production wrapped for Churchill Productions film The Unsung, with Amadeo Fusca and Jared Bajoras. Sean is excited to have played the part of Stephen, a member of a family with a tragic past. The Unsung is directed by Damiano Fusca.