Sean Lenhart

Sean Lenhart is a graduate of Point Park University's Conservatory Of Performing Arts with a degree in musical theatre. He is happy to have a thriving stage career in Pittsburgh, working with Stage 62, Front Porch Theatricals, The Pittsburgh Opera, Food For Groundlings, Resonance Works Opera, The Pittsburgh Savoyards, Undercroft Opera, Microscopic Opera, Greensburg Civic Theater, South Park Theater, and the South Hills Players.

When he’s not on stage, Sean works from his home studio as a Voice Actor, with many audio books available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

Sean is a contributor to VStheUNIVERSE, the Chicago-based Geek Culture Troupe, and has been a featured writer in numerous articles. You can see Sean in the VtU movie musical CODE MONKEY based on the music of Jonathan Coulton.

Check out Sean’s VtU sponsored podcast A COUPLE OF GENIUSES! It’s the stream of consciousness that is the gaming experience recorded live and dropped into your lap. Specializing in gaming, movies, comics, anime, there is no subject in geek culture that this podcast doesn’t have a Genius available to elaborate on.

Sean is a part of the cast of Churchill Productions film and webseries DEFERENCE. Sean is excited to be joining the cast for the up and coming film THE ROW.

Sean is an Artistic Director, writer, musician, and actor for the up and coming Original Steampunk Ghost Story Rock STEAM ~ or ~ THE SPECTERS OF THE KNOX MILL. Set during the Pittsburgh Industrial Revolution, STEAM is ready to launch its KickStarter very soon.

Sean is a member of THE SUPER SMASH OPERA , a parody of traditional Opera mixed with classic Nintendo characters. The Super Smash Opera has been a Featured Guest Performance at MAGFest , Replay FX , Confluence , and soon the Super Smash Con!